​FloraVega is a 45,000 sq/ft facility located in Las Vegas dedicated to cultivating medical marijuana and production of the extracted cannabinoids from the Marijuana plant. FloraVega is fully licensed and has various strains ready for sale. Please note that we are a wholesale facility and may only sell to Nevada Licensed Dispensaries
Welcome to the FloraVega
FloraVega utilizes industry-leading cultivation methodologies, technologies and practices to provide our customers with the highest quality and consistent product. Our identification, qualification, and cultivation processes allow us to provide our customers with a broad and ever-evolving selection of the finest quality cannabis. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed for cultivation optimization integrating fertilizer and nutrient engineering and computerized for precise and consistent growth and health of our plants.
A Nevada Licensed Cultivation and Production Company
Nick Puliz| General Manager 702.628.5000 NickPuliz@FloraVega.com
FloraVega...Las Vegas Cultivator of Great Cannabis