Where Can I Smoke Weed in Las Vegas?

Thanks to new licenses being put in place, smoking cannabis for medical and recreational use in Las Vegas is now more accessible.

If you’re a smoker, here’s everything you need to know about where you can smoke cannabis in Las Vegas.

Is Smoking Cannabis in Las Vegas Legal?

While cannabis is legal in Nevada, it is still illegal under federal law. In other words, should you think of taking a toke on the Strip or outside the grocery store, you might pay for it. 

Although you can’t carry around pre-rolled joints or smoke on the street, there are places where smoking cannabis is legally allowed in Las Vegas and across Nevada.

Where Can You Smoke Cannabis Currently?

For Residents

Many residents of the Las Vegas area will know that smoking in your or someone else’s home is acceptable. However, private residences are currently the only places you can legally smoke without risking a hefty fine.

What Is the Fine for Smoking Somewhere Illegally?

The average fine for illegally smoking cannabis in Las Vegas is around $600. To avoid such a cost, know if you can smoke in places besides your home.

For Tourists or Non-Residents

You could smoke with friends or new acquaintances in their homes on your visit. As Las Vegas boasts almost 650,000 residents, visitors may get lucky if they have a local friend or make one on their trip. 

If you’d like to find a home to smoke in and don’t know a Vegas resident or don’t want to ask a friend, using an Airbnb offers a possible alternative location. Not all Airbnbs allow smoke or odors, so checking with the hosts before you light up is essential. 

In the event smoking is not allowed in the Airbnb property, there are more discreet consumption methods, such as vapes and edibles, that may be acceptable.

The Future of Smoking in Las Vegas

Where Will You Be Able to Smoke Cannabis?

Stores, hotels, and other areas of business will soon have licenses to have cannabis smoked on their property. 

Additionally, many cafes, eateries, and lounges within the city are becoming cannabis-friendly. 

By the end of 2022, around 20 venues could allow guests to smoke inside.

Venues will need their licenses approved before they can have any kind of “consumption lounges.” Thanks to recently passed legislation, retailers could have their licenses approved in the fall, meaning Vegas could see numerous lounges opening by the end of the year.

There will be plenty of locations around the city where you can smoke alone or with friends due to the high number of social equity applicants.

What Goes into Licensing?

The costs to attain a cannabis-smoking license for a retail or independent venue differ. A retail store will pay a fee of up to $100,000. An independent store will pay closer to $10,000.

Other rules enforced after an application is approved include:

  • Non-refundable licensing fees
  • No alcohol in the lounge
  • Cannabis consumption will be limited to a single, 3.5-gram serving
  • Unused cannabis cannot be taken from the lounge
  • The company cannot own both a private and retail lounge

Following these rules will help businesses avoid fines and allow the venue to stay open.

The Vegas Tasting Room

The new legislation will allow for many state-sanctioned consumption lounges. However, Vegas currently has a single consumption lounge that is the exception to these rules. Located on Pauite property, the Vegas Tasting Room in Downtown Vegas is the only place you can currently smoke weed outside of private residences.

The Tasting Room offers smoking equipment and discounts for locals. Because of this lounge’s unique position, one difference it has from other would-be consumption lounges is that alcohol can be served. The Tasting Room has a selection of THC-infused cocktails to be enjoyed with your cannabis.

While many retailers are already discussing and implementing their designs for new consumption lounges, the Vegas Tasting Room offers a good option – especially for visitors for a place to consume cannabis.

When Will Public Consumption Be Allowed?

With the next part of the legislation passed, the expectation is that venues will be approved and open towards the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Public consumption of weed will become more accessible throughout the year.

No longer will people need to retreat to houses or limit themselves to discreet products. Lounges will make it safe, legal, and comfortable for locals and tourists alike to smoke their favorite strains in Las Vegas.

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