With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to find a cannabis strain you love. Depending on the flavor and what kind of high you want, some strains may suit your needs better than others, but where should you begin? 

Here is a list of some of Nevada’s most popular cannabis strains.

Hybrids and Highs – the Most Popular Cannabis Strains

Today’s cannabis market makes it convenient and straightforward to get the high you want. You can shop in a dispensary, order online and pick up, or even have products delivered to you. 

The most popular cannabis strains in Nevada come from various brands, so always make sure your favorite is in stock when you shop for flower.

FloraVega Favorites

  • Bettie White  – A FloraVega in-house cross of Mai Tai and Desert Snow, Bettie White is loved for her prominent levels of Terpinolene. Bettie White grows large, fluffy buds with light and dark green highlights. 

Her plethora of white pistils fade to orange as she rounds out her flower cycle. Bettie White’s THC sits in the mid to high 20s, occasionally breaking 30, but the terpinolene keeps users coming back for more.

  • Falcon 9 – The product of Sunset Sherbert and Tina, Falcon 9’s buds are dense, golf ball sized flowers with deep greens and dark purples contrasted by light green highlights and bright orange pistils. 

Euphoric Elusive

  • Runtz – The product of Zkittlez and Gelato, Runtz is a hybrid that gained its namesake from its sugary sweet aroma reminiscent of crushed-up candy with a hint of gas. 

True to its Gelato lineage, Runtz produces dense, golf-ball-sized flowers that fade to a deep purple in late flower and glisten with a thick coat of trichomes. 

While her bag appeal is attractive, the euphoric, uplifting social effects of Runtz keep users coming back for more. While there are many variations on the market, Elusive’s original Runtz tops them all.

  • Headband Cookies – Headband Cookies by Elusive is a potent hybrid strain that sits perfectly in the middle of the spectrum. Not too relaxing and not too energizing, this Girl Scout Cookies descendent is true to its lineage with a euphoric relaxing effect that provides mental and physical relief. 

The flower is bright green and covered in white pistils that fade to orange in her later stage of flower. Headband Cookies also has a thick layer of trichomes. With potency in the high 20s and low 30s, she packs a punch.

Nature’s Chemistry

  • Ghost Train Haze – A Sativa-lover’s dream, this potent, locally grown cannabis strain by Nature’s Chemistry crosses Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. The dense green buds are highlighted by silvery trichomes and orange pistils, with a strong smell of pine and notes of sweet citrus. 

Users love the potency of this strain; however, those looking to ease anxiety may choose something more mellow as GTH produces a very cerebral and energizing buzz.

Green Life Productions

  • Miracle Alien Cookies – Miracle Alien Cookies, or MAC, crosses Alien Cookies with a combination of Colombian and Star Fighter. MAC produces dense buds covered in a thick layer of trichomes and resin. 

MAC has a unique, pungent aroma of gas, fruit, and bitter orange zest. Users report a strong effect great for social situations or enjoying alone, making this a flexible favorite cannabis strain. 

Potent Polaris

  • Head Cheese – Head Cheese from Polaris is a cross between 707 Headband and UK Cheese. This strain has been popular in the Las Vegas market for years. Her funky, cheesy aroma and high levels of Myrcene help explain why. 

The green and yellow buds of Head Cheese have a conical shape. Contrary to the pungent cheese smell, the taste is more earthy. Users report a very relaxed and pain-relieving effect, so if you indulge in some Head Cheese, don’t make too many plans to be active.

Let the Professionals Help

When it comes to finding your new favorite product, knowing what the most popular cannabis strains are helpful, but consulting a professional can ensure you have the best cannabis experience. 

At FloraVega, we are committed to providing premium cannabis products. Sign up for more of the latest news about cannabis in Nevada.